Celebrity Dogs

Photographs by Kamil Salah

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ISBN: 9781576873755

Photographs by Kamil Salah
Foreword by Bruce Weber
Art Direction by Sam Shahid

Dogs / Celebrities / Photography
7.5 x 9.1 inches
92 pages
over 50 four-color and black-and-white photographs
ISBN: 978-1-57687-309-0

Ever wondered what Heidi Klum’s canines look like? If Orlando Bloom is a doggie daddy? How about if Salma Hayek has a hound? Kamil Salah reveals it all in his guide to the glamorous pooches of the Hollywood A-list, Celebrity Dogs!

Celebrity Dogs is a bite-sized treat for dog lovers and movie watchers alike, featuring a foreword by famed photographer Bruce Weber, and over 50 portraits of the dogs to the stars. Salah’s brightly-colored candids and soulful black-and-white portraits capture the full range of canine personalities—as diverse and dynamic as those of their humans: actors Orlando Bloom, Kate Bosworth, Salma Hayek, Rupert Everett, Naomi Watts, model Heidi Klum, fashion designer Marc Jacobs, cosmetics guru François Nars, photographer Steven Klein, artist Ross Bleckner, and musician Debbie Harry, among many others.

The glamour shots in Celebrity Dogs have everything from huskies to westies, purebreds to pugs, in luxe LA homes and picturesque Hamptons hideaways. Fetch it today.

“Salah is something of an expert on dog styles of the rich and famous.”
—The Sunday Telegraph

The author will contribute proceeds from the sale of this book to the Delta Society, a non-profit organization that helps people live happily and healthily by incorporating therapy and companion animals into their lives.

Kamil Salah is a photographer, fashionista, and dog-lover. He began the Celebrity Dogs project by photographing his friend and famed artist Ross Bleckner’s mini-dachshund, followed by makeup visionary François Nars’ French bulldog. Salah’s position at Helmut Lang gave him access to the rich and famous, and to their dogs, which he continued to photograph over the next ten years. Recently, Salah was finally able to adopt his own dog, and he and Molly have been constant companions ever since. Celebrity Dogs is Salah’s first book.