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powerHouse Books is pleased to announce the September 2012 release of

Down in the Hole:
the unWired World of H.B. Ogden

By Joy DeLyria and Sean Michael Robinson

Highly anticipated since its initial online appearance and immediate viral proliferation, first-time authors and ersatz Victorian scholars Joy DeLyria and Sean Michael Robinson have painstakingly created a satirical and fictional world based on the characters and narrative of television's most loved drama, The Wire.

To be published in time to celebrate The Wire's tenth anniversary, Down in the Hole: the unWired World of H.B. Ogden is a collection of excerpts and illustrations from The Wire, a Victorian serial novel of DeLyria and Robinson's invention, credited to fictional author H.B. Ogden. Excerpts from Ogden's work are knit together by the history of the novel, its author and illustrator, and the adventures of the passionate archivists who uncovered this forgotten text.

The Baltimore Sun writes: "...[This] quintessentially Victorian vision of Ogden's The a scintillating piece of faux-scholarship. It's set in an alternate universe where the HBO series doesn't exist—and where The Wire in any form, including Horatio Bucklesby Ogden's, has yet to be discovered."

Gawker asks: "So, how long before we can actually buy this illustrated version of The Wire? I'd put it on my Amazon wish list now if I could."

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Joy DeLyria, 27, plays badminton on weekdays and takes her tea at four. She studied letters and then made them into words, and is now working on the paragraph thing. When not defying society by wearing breeches instead of the customary bustle, she interprets science, directs gender-bending, quasi-legal, theatrical park productions, and loves her mother very much.

Sean Michael Robinson, 31, is a writer, busker, and former high school art teacher, man-about-town, and lover of science. In December of 2011, he worked almost 80 hours as a Victorian-era mercenary caroler, complete with four-part harmony, tails, and top hat. He's currently doing about 30 things at once.

Humor / Satire / Television
Hardcover, 6 x 8.5 inches, 144 pages, 32 line-art illustrations.
ISBN: 978-1-57687-602-2, $19.95

For a preview of the book please visit:

High-res scans to your specification are available upon request; scanning from the book or lifting images from the mechanical file are strictly prohibited. Mandatory credit line: From Down in the Hole by Joy DeLyria and Sean Michael Robinson, published by powerHouse Books.

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