by Larry Fink

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ISBN: 9781576870082

by Larry Fink
Essay by Bert Randolph Sugar

Photography / Art / Sports
11.25 x 11.25 inches,
104 pages
51 duotone photographs
ISBN: 978-1-57687-008-2

Edition of one hundred.


The best-selling Larry Fink limited edition of one hundred slipcased clothbound books includes a signed and numbered print.

“Boxing has never sought its enlistees from the debutante line at the local country club. Instead it recruits them from the crucible of the streets, boy-men who have fought their way out of the slums, the ghettos, the projects, the barrias, expressing themselves the only way they could…with their fists.”

—Bert Randolph Sugar from “Boxing…The Way Out”

Larry Fink‘s inimitable style captures the grace, beauty, and paternal love that are the foundations of this brutal contact sport. He creates stunningly lyrical static snapshots which reveal the divine—the hope, dignity, perseverance, respect—in a fighters soul. Sugar’s essay on boxing as “a way out” adds cigar chomping flavor to a concise history of the sport.