“Arlene was a real New Yorker who thrived on the energy of the city, roaming the streets and recording everything she felt through a deeply empathetic and loving lens,” Paul Moakley, Deputy Director of Photography at TIME observes.

“Thousands of people have photographed New York but she’s the only one who can take these pictures,” observes Daniel Cooney, who showed work from Sometimes Overwhelming and Bacalaitos & Fireworks (powerHouse books, 2008 and 2011) at his New York gallery. “It’s her – her way of relating to people, her way of seeing what’s around, and her gentleness is what makes it so special. She was very humble and that’s why people let her into their lives.”

“Arlene was a New York original who had a keen eye, a big heart and a sly sense of humour. I loved her vintage work from the Lower East Side, which portrayed her Puerto Rican neighbours with warmth. She got it because she could relate,” observes David Gonzalez, co-editor of The New York Times Lens Blog.

“Looking at Arlene, through the prism of her last book, Mommie – in addition to experiencing her in person, a warm embrace of smiles, giggles, and love – it’s hard to picture a young artist that was to so completely absorb and reflect back the vast arrays of human experience she came upon and made her life’s work,” reflects Daniel Power, publisher of powerHouse Books.

Text from Dazed piece by Miss Rosen.

To purchase copies of Arlene’s books, click on the titles below:
Mommie: Three Generations of Women (2015)
Bacalaitos & Fireworks (2011)
Sometimes Overwhelming (2008)
Midnight (2003)

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