Suspended – As of mid-2023

Dear photographers, artists, graphic designers, editors, and book packagers,

Looking to publish your latest project? Want a well-crafted and personalized assessment of your work? The powerHouse Submissions Programme will get your work reviewed by our editors and is designed to give you positive direction and insight into the book publishing industry. We believe the more informed you are, the better equipped you will be to ensure your project succeeds in what is a very difficult industry.

Our Submission Programme is a valuable service to aspiring photographers, authors, and artists. In addition to considering your work for publication, we will provide you with a detailed critique of your project and ideas as to how to better tailor it for the current book market.

About Us
powerHouse Books is the premier conceptual publisher of art photography and innovative illustrated books. World-renowned and critically acclaimed powerHouse Books is best known for a diverse publishing programme—specialized in fine art, documentary, pop culture, fashion, and celebrity books. The company has redefined the cultural landscape of the illustrated book, the only U.S. independent publishing company to do so.

The Below Is No Longer Applicable 

A Word Before Proceeding
To submit your illustrated book proposal: Inquire below and check your email for payment, submission and upload instructions. Please note all submissions are made digitally and only completed projects may apply. The recommended way to submit your project is to layout your work in a PDF document. We ask that you keep your submission under 60Mb, it is better to show us a quality sample of 40 images than a pixelated series of 100 images. You may also send us a visual presentation from your website.

* We do NOT accept novels or literature without artwork/photography into the submissions programme at this time.

* Please note there are NO REFUNDS for the submissions programme.

* No shipping is charged for the Submissions Programme. Regardless of the status of the Shopping Cart, the programme application fee is flat $350 (this fee is no longer charged as of mid-2023).

Please email emma@powerhousebooks.com to submit your application.

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