Jeremiah: A Romantic Vision (Reprint with new cover)

Jeremiah Goodman
Introduction by Edward Albee
Design by Sam Shahid

$ 125

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ISBN: 9781576873533

Interior Design / Art / Opulence
Clothbound, Hardcover
11.65 x 14.5 inches
208 pages
54 four-color photographs and 83 four-color paintings

While most can only imagine the lavish living quarters filled with fine china, dramatic drapery, and regal furniture that lie behind the iron-clad gates of the most exclusive addresses in America, Jeremiah Goodman has had the rare opportunity to enter and paint his impressions of the residences of the rich and famous for the past 54 years. Goodman’s expressive watercolors not only act an archive of interior design for the second half of the 20th century, but also provide a glimpse into the artist’s unique ability to infuse a depiction of domestic space with a sense of drama and emotion second only to being there. In addition to making art based on the interiors, Goodman also painted studies for rooms-to-be, creating the beautiful plans on which the rooms themselves would be based.


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