Mister Cool

By Birdy Jones

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ISBN: 9781576877197

By Birdy Jones

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The clever tactics of Mister Cool, who faces down the mean kids at school with confidence, show elementary-school age kids how to deflect bullying with humor and create friendships through kindness.

Confidence? Mister Cool has it, and explains that it comes from understanding your own unique assets. His secret is being able to rely on that confidence when bullies get in his face.

In this clever story, Mister Cool shows off his tactics for turning bullies into pals: make ‘em laugh, be twice as nice, and use creativity to distract them (especially good against bullies with short attention spans). In the end, Mister Cool reveals that it’s having the confidence to be yourself even in the face of meanness that saves the day.

This great read tackles a topic often in the news today–bullying–from a kid’s point of view. Mister Cool provides ideas for pushing back against aggressive kids without being preachy or overly earnest. His tactics for turning around tricky situations offer lessons any kid can adapt to his or her own experiences. Lively prose and edgy, vibrant illustrations make it fun to read while letting the lesson be subtle.
Hardcover: 32 pages
ISBN: 978-1576877197