Community Table: Recipes for an Ecological Food Future

The Ecology Center; Foreword by Alice Waters; Introduction by Evan Marks

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Trim Size: 8 x 10-1/2
Page Count: 304
ISBN: 9781576878828

Community Table: Recipes for an Ecological Food Future is a comprehensive guide to regenerative eating, inspired by a year-long sustainable dinner series in Southern California. Designed as a tool-kit for an abundant future, Community Table: Recipes for an Ecological Food Future features inspiring storytelling, delicious recipes, beautiful imagery, tangible step-by-step how-tos for making change, and intimate access to celebrated farmers and chefs.

Knowing we’re at a turning point in food, politically, environmentally, and culturally, this project started by looking for solutions. What can we do now to shape our future? We then decided to take action, drawing together the most passionate farmers, chefs, and volunteers we could to literally bring people to the table to have a real conversation about where their food came from and what’s happening in the world of it.

Topics covered include: growing, sourcing, consumption, husbandry, community, and action, themed around our ten formative principles. Each chapter in turn offers an explanation of the theme, real-life applications, in-depth conversations with the farmer and chef, and from their dinner, a collection of recipes which include charts to scale up when hosting large parties and groups.

The Ecology Center believes the possibility of an abundant, healthy and regenerative future relies on our collective adoption of the following ten principles:

1. Eat Fresh + Seasonal
2. Buy Local
3. Choose Organic
4. Respect Animals
5. Grow Your Own
6. Celebrate Diversity
7. Promote Polycultures
8. Nourish All Children
9. Educate for Change
10. Celebrate the Harvest

The Ecology Center is a non-profit eco-education center focused on creative solutions for thriving on planet Earth. Their holistic approach to change-making is based on a core belief that we are a part of nature, intimately interconnected with each other and our shared environment. Through daily action, collectively, can transform our schools, homes, workplaces, and communities into vibrant spaces. The Ecology Center’s work to inspire communities around simple solutions that empower individuals everywhere to be part of the solution.

Based in a historic Congdon Farmhouse in San Juan Capistrano, California, they transformed an empty dirt lot to an ecological oasis. It’s their belief is that, together, we can create a healthy, abundant future.

With his background in permaculture and agroecology, and, having worked extensively in California and Hawaii and internationally in Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, Ghana and Nigeria, Evan Marks knows that people have the ability to directly impact the environment through individual change. As the founder and director of The Ecology Center, Evan Marks is the visionary leader pushing the regenerative conversation forward through action and leadership.

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