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Founded by Daniel Power and Frank Evers, and a joint initiative of powerHouse Books and VII Photo Agency, the New York Photo Festival was the first international-level festival of photography to be based in the U.S, with the ambition of documenting the future of photography in all its forms. For the inaugural edition (May 14-18, 2008) of this new annual event, a group of internationally respected curators was selected to deliver their personal visions of the newest and most important trends in contemporary photography: Magnum photographer Martin Parr, The New York Times Magazine picture editor Kathy Ryan, Lesley A. Martin of the Aperture Foundation, and Tim Barber of The New York Photo Festival will be headquartered in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY.

Magnum Photographer Martin Parr’s exhibit, New Typologies, highlights the use of the photographic series as an attempt to bring order to the chaos around us. The show features the work of WassinkLundgren, Donovan Wylie, Jeffrey Milstein, Jan Banning, Sarah Pickering, Ananké Asseff, Michel Campeau, and Jan Kempenaers.

Kathy Ryan looks at the sculptural and painterly qualities of recent photography in Chisel. The exhibit includes new works by Roger Ballen, Horacio Salinas, Stephen Gill, Katherine Wolkoff, Julian Faulhaber, Lars Tunbjörk, Alejandra Laviada, Andreas Gefeller, Simon Norfolk, and Raphaël Dallaporta. Ryan has pioneered the combination of fine art photography with journalism, commissioning photographers including Nan Goldin, Lee Friedlander, Taryn Simon, Ryan McGinley, Gregory Crewdson, Massimo Vitali, Thomas Struth, Paolo Pellegrin, Lynsey Addario, Gilles Peress, Eugene Richards, and Dan Winters.

Lesley A. Martin, book publisher at the Aperture Foundation, reflects on the replication and reproduction of the photographic image in The Ubiquitous Image, focusing on how contemporary artists are using the seemingly limitless cache of disseminated images to create their own work. Artists include Joachim Schmid, Claudia Angelmaier, Marco Breuer, Penelope Umbrico, Harrell Fletcher, Natalie Czech, Curtis Mann, Robert Bowen, Peter Piller, Hank Willis Thomas, and Useful Photography.

Tim Barber—photographer, curator, publisher, and former photo editor for Vice magazine—brings together over 300 images in Various Photographs. The exhibit showcases a wide spectrum of works from well-established to unknown photographers.

Martin Parr was born in Epsom, Surrey, in 1952 and studied photography at Manchester Polytechnic. Parr was the featured curator of the 2004 edition of Les Rencontres d’Arles. His monograph Martin Parr was published in 2002, accompanying a large retrospective of his work initiated by the Barbican Art Gallery in London. It has since been shown in the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid, the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris, and the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg. Parr is also assembling an exhibition, Parrworld, curated by Thomas Weski for the Haus der Kunst in Munich, also opening in May 2008. This will show new work from Parr and his substantial print, objects, and photography book collections.

Kathy Ryan, picture editor of The New York Times Magazine, has received a lifetime achievement award from the Griffin Museum, the Picture Editor of the Year award at the Visa Pour l’Image photojournalism festival in Perpignan, and the Lucie award for Picture Editor of the Year. She has participated in many photo workshops, lectured widely, and mentored photography students. Through her commitment to blurring the boundaries between the photographic genres, she has championed an artistic and interpretive approach to documentary photography and expanded the language of editorial imagery.

Lesley A. Martin is the publisher of the book program at the Aperture Foundation. She has edited over fifty photography publications, including: Reflex: A Vik Muniz Primer; An-My Lê: Small Wars; Fandomania by Elena Dorfman; Shuffle by Christian Marclay; Paris—New York—Shanghai by Hans Eijkelboom, and Richard Misrach: On the Beach. Martin is also the coauthor of two volumes on design, Graphicscape: Tokyo and Graphicscape: New York, and a contributing author and editor of Full Vinyl: The Subversive Art of Designer Toys.

Originally from Amherst, Massachusetts, Tim Barber studied photography in Vancouver, BC, before relocating to New York City. He currently runs the online gallery, which has featured the work of hundreds of artists including Ryan McGinley, Richard Kern, Peter Sutherland, and Boogie. Its corresponding gallery installation, tinyvices, has toured all over the world, from Proyectos Monclova in Mexico City to colette in Paris, and continues to be an innovative showcase for new work.

“The exhibitions were full of work by artists too new or too challenging to be seen in conventional galleries or mainstream magazines. This was a welcome change from older festivals, with their pleasing but unsurprising mix of shows devoted to earnest documentarians, well-known senior photographers, and well-connected younger workers.”
—Mary Panzer, The Wall Street Journal

“Anyone with even a slight interest in contemporary photography should go to DUMBO for the New York Photo Festival this weekend. Organized by powerHouse books and VII Photo Agency, the event is not to be confused with the more familiar type of art photography fair in which scores or hundreds of galleries show their wares in separate booths.”
—Ken Johnson, The New York Times

“New York is a great photography city, but the trouble with the New York establishment is that they are very slow to react. What this festival [allows] is to really respond very quickly and show the work that is coming into the mainstream, and the work that’s exciting to the photography and art communities. And to show it while its happening, as opposed to showing it two or three years later. This is the function of the festival: to see new, contemporary, emerging work. “

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