powerHouse Magazine Issue 4 – Gotta Have It

Photographs by: powerHouse Magazine Contributors

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ISBN: 9781576874332

Photographs by: powerHouse Magazine Contributors

8.25 x 11 inches
120 pages
100 black-and-white and four-color photographs

Conceptual / Photography / Current Events


Be it possession of people, places, or things, the idea of
ownership abounds in our culture. We believe in the right to
acquire, to possess by any means necessary whatever will
fulfill our unquenchable desires. To that end, powerHouse
introduces Issue 4: Gotta Have It, an in-depth look
at trendsetting collectors, real-estate moguls, wilderness
defenders, shameless embezzlers, salvation seekers—anything
where proprietary desire takes on dynamic and unexpected
new forms and inspires an original course of action.

Featuring the work of Lili Almog, Janette Beckman, Mark
Bekoff, Peter Beste, Claw Money, Sharon Clott, Brian
Coleman, Ileana Ferreras, Jeremiah Goodman, Lawrence
Grobel, Adriana Hernandez, Boza Ivanovic, Jim Jocoy,
Ellen Jong, Steven Katzman, KEL 1ST, Chuck Klosterman,
Hilary Knox, Christopher LaMarca, Chris Leahy, Graham
Letorney, Maureen Valdes Marsh, Craig Mathis, Metal Man
Ed, Tami Mnoian, Lisette Model, Barr y Neuman, Chris
Nieratko, Theresa Ortolani, Jimmy Patience, Pedro Patricio,
Felicia Pearson, Mark Peterson, Chris Pieretti, RUEDIONE,
Christophe Salet, Rolf Skar, Schoolly D, Rebecca Norris
Webb, Susanne Wernicke, Amanda Yates, David Yellen,
and Joy Yoon.

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