Room Service

Photographs by Adam Raphael

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ISBN: 9781576873748

Photographs by Adam Raphael
Design by J.C. Suarés
Illustration by Nina Duran

Gay / Sex/ Kink
Paperback, 8.75 x 12.75 inches, 232 pages, over 500 four-color photographs


Adam Raphael’s Room Service is a luxurious collection of 150 photographs of racially diverse male models lounging, bathing, and dining amid the sumptuous interiors and elegant finishes of the finest hotels of east coast America.

The young men of Room Service are models of the highest caliber whose flawless physiques are revealed in Raphael’s photographs. Because the models are photographed individually, the viewer is invited to get to know each model intimately. Aged 18 to 26, all of the models, who are both clothed and unclothed, are photographed in repose, playful, and carefree in the privacy of their hotel suites.

This stylish presentation of handsome young men in equally attractive hotel settings is designed by J. C. Suarés, and includes spot illustrations by Nina Duran.

Adam Raphael has been making subtle, erotic photographs of stunning young men for nearly a decade. In addition to Room Service, he has published three other books: Book One (HM 1999), Friends (HM 2001) and Friends & Brothers (HM 2004). His work is widely collected and was featured in Reed Massengill’s Self-Exposure (Universe 2005) as well as in numerous magazines including Du & Ich and XY Foto. He maintains studios in New York and Fort Lauderdale.

J. C. Suarés is an award-winning designer who is equally well known for book and magazine design. His latest projects include The Big Book of Horses (Scriptum Editions, 2006) and the redesign of Publishers Weekly.

Nina Duran is a painter and illustrator whose works are included in many institutional collections, including Perrier, General Motors, and the US State Department.

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