Pictures on the Radio selected as Photography Book of the Year by Missouri School of Journalism

Pictures on the Radio (powerHouse Books, 2021) was awarded the first place prize for the Missouri School of Journalism’s annual Photography Book of the Year competition. This year’s competition included titles from 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Pictures on the Radio compiles the work of David Gilkey, a celebrated conflict photographer who helped NPR bring vivid life to big and small stories with global impact. Known for chronicling pain and beauty in war and conflict, he was on assignment in Helmand, Afghanistan in 2016 when he and NPR’s Afghan interpreter, Zabihullah Tamanna were killed by a Taliban ambush of their convoy. Considered one of the best photojournalists in the world, his death made headlines around the country and the globe.

To watch the live announcement of the awards, visit this link (discussion of Pictures on the Radio begins at 41:40).

To view the full list of awards, visit this link.