An American Cannabis Story in Leafly

An American Cannabis Story” by David Goodman is featured in Leafly’s 2023 gift guide!

Leafly’s last-minute gift guide to epic weed books of 2023

“If there were any positive aspects of cannabis prohibition, one was that you developed a relationship with your weed guy. Even if he wasn’t the one growing, he knew who was, and what you could expect. In 2023, when nearly half the states in the union have legalized adult-use cannabis, you probably don’t think too hard about who’s growing your weed when you pick it up off the dispensary shelf. But as career photographer David Goodman knows, almost every good photograph starts with people. His new book, An American Cannabis Story, is less about cannabis plant portraits and more about the people cultivating it. 

Goodman uses text and images to tell the story of Puffin Farm, a family-run and regenerative cannabis farm in Washington state that received one of the state’s first cultivation licenses. Founded by couple Jade and Ben, Goodman follows them and their team through an outdoor cultivation season, as well as the various products that cannabis can become, from jarred flower to forms of concentrates like hash and crumble. And yes, there are still many gorgeous “weed porn” shots.”

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