An American Cannabis Story in Skunk Global

An American Cannabis Story by David Goodman review in Skunk Global

“David Goodman opens An American Cannabis Story by detailing his initial visit to see his niece, Jade Stefano. It wasn’t an average familial visit because he was arriving at Jade and her husband Ben’s cannabis cultivation operation in Ellensburg, Washington, to photograph the annual harvest at Puffin Farm. What ensued was a photographic and journalistic pilgrimage to record and report on an entire year of full-scale Washington State cannabis cultivation. While you read the story of the trials and travails of negotiating the complex experience of participating in the West Coast cannabis industry, you are exposed to a comprehensive photographic journey through all the phases and aspects of commercial cannabis.

Presented in five sections: The Evolution of Puffin Farm, A Year in the Life of Puffin Farm, The Process, Signature Cultivars, and Good Night Puffin Farm, An American Cannabis Story is replete with many dazzling full-page color images of weed from the seed to the shelf and explanatory narrative the whole way through.”

“In a world rife with “weed porn,” David’s new book genuinely includes some of the finest cannabis photography to be found complimented by extensive text telling the story of cannabis production.”

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