ARTFORUM historicizes Vivian Maier: Self Portraits

The Summer 2013 issue of ARTFORUM magazine chronicles the unlikely discovery of Vivian Maier’s negatives through the sale her repossessed storage unit. The unit housed “some hundred thousand negatives and more than one thousand rolls of undeveloped film” that revealed the amazing work of a reclusive and blunt woman who never shared her photographs. Not even developing the film for herself, Maier’s work emphasizes the act of photographing. John Maloof’s first book of Maier photographs, Vivian Maier: Street Photographer, gained recognition for the unlikely artist. His second book, Vivian Maier: Self Portraits presents Maier’s more personal work and reveals the hidden woman through her own lens.

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VMSPVivian Maier: Self Portraits
Edited by John Maloof