Energy: Cocktails to Get You UP

Steph Russ
Photographed by Pete Deevakul

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Trim Size: 6-1/4 x 8-3/4
Page Count: 176
ISBN: 9781576877845

Ever feel like your cocktails are missing a little extra oomph? ENERGY: Cocktails to Get You UP is here to deliver the big, bad, buzz you’ve been missing. Created by pioneering mixoligist Steph Russ, these high performance cocktails are specially crafted to help you maintain your focus and party harder and longer, by incorporating the latest, greatest energy drinks and supplements available on the market including Red Bull, ginseng drops, Monster, Amp, B-12, kombucha, 5-hour ENERGY, NOS, and many others.

With both alcoholic and non-alcoholic blends, these bio-activated beverages are perfectly formulated to fit any occasion–whether you’re trying to get the most out of a night out at the club or to get in the zone for an afternoon playing video games at home, when you need that extra boost organizing a backyard birthday party or a hot spark for some frisky fun in the boudoir–ENERGY has you covered.

ENERGY: Cocktails to Get You UP contains over 75 enhanced recipes to quench your thirst and pack a punch, and each drink is accompanied by a sizzling color photograph and instructions and descriptions to help you find the perfect flavor and formula to elevate your body, mind, and soul!

Steph Russ studied Journalism at the University of North Carolina. She handles social media for record label Fade to Mind and can often be found behind the bar at Fade to Mind events. Russ has worked as a bartender in music venues, bars, and alternative spaces for nearly a decade. She is passionate about mixology and creating positive social experiences. Russ currently resides in Los Angeles, where she hosts frequent pop-up bars and elevates parties with her stimulating cocktails.

Pete Deevakul was born in Los Angeles, brought back and forth to Bangkok, and ended up in NYC. Deevakul earned his MFA in photography from Yale and is a regular contributor to White Zinfandel, a biannual arts publication. When The Jogging began paying contributors, he was the first to collect $25 for his submission surpassing 5,000 notes. He had an undeveloped, disposable film camera on view at NADA Miami Beach 2012, and has shown his work at W/——, Danziger, and Light Industry in New York and at Black Dragon Society in LA. Commercial clients he’s shot for that begin with the letter “B” include Bergdorf Goodman, Bentley, and Baccarat.

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