Lovin’ My Car: Women in the Driver’s Seat

Libby Edelman
Introduction by Katie Osborne

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Page Count: 128
ISBN: 9781576879177

Grease monkeys, gear heads, collectors, hobbyists, and speed freaks, to name just a few of the car and truck lovers out there all share a passion for their beloved motor vehicles. There are endless reasons to love the thrill of the road, the horsepower, and freedom that comes with it all; but who says women can’t be just as fanatical as men? This is Lovin’ My Car: Women in the Driver’s Seat.

After many years spent in cars with her husband, Sam, and son Jesse, with their constant banter about cars—the exciting new models on the market, the finer details of engines and their sizes, round and round about tires, wheels, and gears, the know-how and questions about maintenance and repairs, and so on—Libby Edelman would find herself wondering: Why do my men love their cars so?

Inspired to seek out an alternative, Edelman found a community of women from all walks of life who share an automotive love for Lovin’ My Car: Women in the Driver’s Seat. Some cars are fancy, some quirky, and most are everyday cars. All have proud women owners who share their stories of what their cars and trucks mean to them. These cars are the loves of their lives—an extended family member. They coddle them, talk to them, name them, and (as if anyone could resist) race them.

Libby Edelman began her career as a Fashion Editor at Harper’s Bazaar and later Seventeen, before working as Public Relations Director for Calvin Klein. During her time in publishing, Libby met aspiring designer Sam Edelman, who would later become her business partner and husband.

The couple worked together to build Esprit Footwear into one of the most recognizable brands of the 1980s before launching their eponymous company, Sam & Libby in 1987. In 2004, they co-founded Sam Edelman, a lifestyle brand inspired by timeless American elegance that bridges the gap between aspiration and attainability to define modern luxury. Today, Libby serves as the Senior Vice President of Sam Edelman, a division of Caleres Inc.

In addition to her passion for family, cooking, travel, and photography, Libby continuously merges her love of fashion and philanthropy working with several causes close to her heart. Libby currently resides in New York City with Sam and their Jack Russell Terrier, Squeex.

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