Family Values in Genre Is Dead!

A beautiful and heartfelt review of Family Values in Genre Is Dead!

“Family Values: Kurt, Courtney & Frances Bean is an insightful look at this now iconic photoshoot. It provides important context that’s easy to forget, especially 32 years since its publication. Additionally, it portrays Cobain and Love in a different light. Here, Love is not volatile, manipulative, or a basket case. Instead, she’s a loving mother who wants nothing but the best for her child. Similarly, Cobain, who was often painted as moody, depressed, and overall negative, is shown as happy, at ease, and a doting father. Of course, we know the trouble that was to come for the couple. But this isn’t about drug problems, marital struggles, and domestic disputes. It’s about two people taking back their story and fighting for their family bliss.”

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