Feature Shoot Interviews Donna Ferrato

[Miss Rosen, Interviewer]: What do you think of the idea of the female gaze?

[Donna Ferrato]’Running the risk of sounding sexist, I have to say that the female gaze is something of an anomaly because for so long women weren’t really looking at themselves and they weren’t really showing what they see when they look at themselves or their girlfriends. We were so dominated by the male gaze, by what the males want to see, and how they were setting things up for us to be able to see ourselves.

“We were all looking at ourselves through the prism of the male gaze. Not just a prism, a prison. It was really hard for women to see themselves, to understand who they were. For me, the female gaze is also quite sacred because no man can ever understand what is inside a woman, what her body responds to, what makes a woman shut down and then how she rebirths herself.'”