Flavorwire examines the progression of Bodies of Subversion

Flavorwire online talks with author Margot Mifflin about the third edition of her book, Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoo. Mifflin notes that women in tattoo culture are no longer a rarity, and in the 10 years since her book’s first printing they’ve gained more exposure, particularly in popular culture.

“Now Kat Von D is the far and away the best known tattooist, male or female, in the world. I would never have believed this could happen in 10 years.” “The fact is, there is no type anymore. Look at Lena Dunham on Girls. She’s visibly tattooed, but it doesn’t reflect much on her character or get much play in her public life. It’s just a fashion choice. She’s not a renegade or a rebel. She’s a self-described ‘everywoman.'”

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Bodies of Subversion
by Margot Mifflin