Gary Cooper: Enduring Style in Haute Lifestyle

Review of “Gary Cooper: Enduring Style,” by G. Bruce Boyer with an afterword by Maria Cooper Janis and a foreword by Ralph Lauren, in Haute Lifestyle.

Gary Cooper: Enduring Style Book Review – Mesmerizing Images, Unique Stories, A Must Have (Pictures)

For storytellers, the book is inspirational, especially the image of New Year’s Eve 1957 at Romanoff’s in Beverly Hills, as Cooper, Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, and Van Heflin, gather for a celebratory toast. It is an image that can spawn a thousand stories of days, times, seasons, and events….

Gary Cooper: Enduring Style opens the vault of one of Hollywood’s most enduring legends and allows readers a glimpse into the life of Hollywood’s Golden Era. It is a must have for cinephiles, entertainment and Hollywood historians.”

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