Interview Magazine explores the “Crowded Mind” of Forrest Bess

Interview Magazine steps into the world of dreamscapes and gender mixing through the pages of Chuck Smith’s newest material on the unusual artist, Forrest Bess: Key to the Riddle The book includes Bess’ paintings and personal epistolary exchanges with his gallerist Betty Parsons and art critic Meyer Schapiro, which served as his only real connection to the New York art scene. Through these letters, an intimate image of the artist develops – the image of an unsure man in continual search of love and beauty through art and doctrine.

“At night, he would dream in ‘Technicolor’ and the images that he would paint — and their playful, prescient titles such as The Crowded Mind, Here is a Sign, That is the Key to the Riddle — would appear to him. Throughout his career, he worried about his mental health.”

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forrestbess180Forrest Bess: Key to the Riddle
by Chuck Smith