Le Journal de la Photographie on Scene

Le Journal de la Photographie features a selection of images from Jeannette Montgomery Barron’s Scene, her portrait series of internationally renown celebrities, many in their formative years before reaching stardom, shot in 1980s New York City. Slideshow includes portraits of Kathryn Bigelow, Jenny Holzer, Mike and Doug Starn, Andy Warhol, and Salomé.

“Montgomery Barron’s black and white portraits are visually captivating and the collection in Scene evokes an intimacy that makes the book feel like you are flicking through a private photo album. For those who are familiar with the New York arts scene in the 1980s the images will no doubt resonate. And for those who are not, the strength of the portraiture may light their imagination to discover more about the stories behind these faces.”

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by Jeannette Montgomery Barron