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Review for Material Wealth: Mining The Personal Archive Of Allen Ginsberg in The Wire.

“Allen Ginsberg wasn’t actually into “Material Wealth” – he lived frugally even during the height of his fame, giving his money to lesser known poets and supporting civil rights and fighting injustice. So, the title of my new Allen Ginsberg book Material Wealth: Mining The Personal Archive Of Allen Ginsberg is taken from Bob Dylan’s recent comment: “Seeing Ginsberg was like going to see the Oracle of Delphi. He didn’t care about material wealth or political power. He was his own kind of king.”

This book contains Ginsberg’s intellectual, historical and literary wealth as a visual annotated collection of unpublished paperwork, graphics, photographs and ephemera that documents Ginsberg’s life experiences as a breakaway poet, expansive spirit, curious intellectual traveller and a relentless enthusiast of provocative yet spiritual pursuits of writing, art, music and culture….

Author Pat Thomas will be speaking about Allen Ginsberg at London The Horse Hospital (7 & 15 March); Dublin The New Theatre (12 March); Leeds Hyde Park Book Club (17 March); Paris Shakespeare And Company (21 March).”

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