NYT Illuminates The Timely Release of Donna Ferrato’s Exhibit

“Whole Women’s Health Clinic, San Antonio, TX,” 2019. Ferrato photographed surgical-quality sinks that a San Antonio women’s clinic installed to meet the Texas Legislature’s stringent requirements for facilities that perform abortions.

“A selection of images drawn from a book published last year, “Holy,” at Daniel Cooney Fine Art, was timed to coincide with the anticipated overturning of Roe v. Wade. Ferrato annotates her photographs with handwritten captions, often inscribed on the prints. Without that supplementary information, you couldn’t know that a picture of cots in a stark room commemorates a Parisian clinic where she underwent an abortion in 1978, or that a couple of sinks and a shelf bearing medical hygienic supplies stood in a San Antonio center that provided abortions until the Texas Legislature hobbled it (and most other facilities in the state) by imposing unreasonably stringent requirements, leading to a legal challenge and an earlier favorable Supreme Court decision in 2016, now reversed.”

This article written by Arthur Lubow for the New York Times appeared as a Critic’s Pick for Arts and Culture.

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