Photobook Journal reviews THE BOYS by Rick Schatzberg

“Ah, the vagaries of time … and yet, in all of that there is something of enduring value – friendship, the comfort of having kindred spirits. Rick Schatzberg and all the participants have created a unique photobook that has time and bonding as its central themes and that succeeds in bringing the shared lives of a group of fellows close to us through a very lively presentation, taking us from the 1970s to the present.

When Schatzberg found out about the passing of two of his friends, who were members of a group of fellows who call themselves ‘The Boys,’ with whom he grew up in Long Island, he set out to photographically document the group, including himself, over a period of almost two years. He took new large-format portraits, for which they courageously took off their shirts, literally and metaphorically, along with images of some personal objects. He also collected and assembled photographs from their shared histories, more in the vein of personal mementos and snapshots.”

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