Publishers Weekly reviews Kevin Bubriski’s new book OUR VOICES, OUR STREETS

“In this powerful photography collection, Bubriski documents a decade of public protests. The bulk of photographs, focusing on individuals in crowds, were taken during the George W. Bush presidency, and showcase, among other events, antiwar protests around the country: at a 2002 peace march in Bennington, Vt., a young man whose face is painted with an American flag holds up a “Patriot for Peace” sign; at the fifth anniversary of the start of the Iraq War, Iraq Veterans Against the War march in front of the Capitol. Bubriski includes sobering images of grieving parents of soldiers killed in action (one mother standing on a New York City street holds a sign with an image of her son, captioned “Killed in Baghdad April 26, 2004”), as well as of 9/11 anniversary commemorations, with such images as a hearse with a photo of Osama bin Laden adhered to an open casket. Bubriski balances this volume with such images as a man at the same 9/11 memorial with a construction hat that reads “Drop the Bomb”; two men carrying copies of a Sean Hannity book at President Bush’s 2005 inauguration; and of four people in D.C. waving flags with a sign that reads “If You Want Peace Prepare for War.” Bubriski’s photos movingly capture unrest in recent American history.” –Publishers Weekly

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