The New York Times adds Carl Auböck to their holiday wishlist

For holiday give and wish list ideas, look no further than The New York Times’ Home section. Amongst the bevy of simple-but-elegant objects mentioned in “More Than Meets the Eye” was a brass-and-bamboo Skull corkscrew by Carl Auböck II, whose designs are featured in Carl Auböck: The Workshop .

“The corkscrew continues to be produced in Austria to the exact specifications of the original, which is something like a miracle when so many other products have been cheapened and shrunk […] The two large “eye sockets” are for fingers to grip, and the smaller “nose hole” was intended for a sanctified ritual that continues to be practiced today. Opening Coca-Cola Bottles.”

Carl Auböck: The Workshop, 1930-1970
edited by Clemens Kois & Brian Janusiak