The New York Times sees culture revealed in Bodies of Subversion

The New York Times applauds the third edition of Margot Mifflin’s Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoo for addressing an area with a strange literary void: the evolution of tattoos and tattooing. Now prevalent in society, tattoos have become part of our common culture, full of symbolism and artistic and historical value. Mifflin addresses an especially intriguing division of tattoo culture, the growing subset of women with tattoos. Bodies of Subversion amasses old and current photos along with historical accounts of the progression of women’s tattoos and interviews with tattoo artists like Kat Von D. The New York Times finds Mifflin’s work a fascinating look into a shockingly unaddressed cultural phenomena.

“… it’s a lacunae in our literature that here hasn’t been a definitive nonfiction book on the topic, a volume that packs sociology and criticism and history and memoir into a dense sleeve, as a tattoo artist might put it, or meaning. While we await that book, we have Margot Mifflin’s perceptive and moving ‘Bodies of Subversion: a Secret History of Women and Tattoo’…”

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Bodies of Subversion
by Margot Mifflin