Visual History interviews photographer Kevin Bubriski about his book LEGACY IN STONE

“Last autumn, a friend sent me a link coupled with a question: Have you seen this? The link and her question referred to “Legacy in Stone: Syria before War” by Kevin Bubriski. I recall, shamefully, my cold reaction, back then, thinking that it was another lamentation of the cultural loss in the country. In brief, wise people say: “You should never judge a book by its cover.” I would say: don’t judge a book by its title.

“Legacy in Stone” is tantamount to a time machine back through Syria’s historical landscape: a scenery that cannot be experienced again. Bubriski’s black and white photographs are moving messages from the past, sent into a future that has not yet been resolved. Since March 2011, images of destruction, death and terror coming from Syria have been flooding news broadcasts and social media feeds. Kevin Bubriski’s photographs taken back in 2003 are testimonies of what once existed. Having the chance to ask him how he perceives his photos in view of the actual ones in the media, he answered:”

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