All of a Sudden

by Jack Pierson

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ISBN: 9781576870297

by Jack Pierson

Art / Photography
8.5 x 11.5 inches
192 pages
189 four-color photographs
ISBN: 978-1-57687-029-7

“[Pierson’s] highly praised and seemingly offhand art blends photography, sculpture, and poetry, nostalgic longing and nonchalant sexuality.”
—Vanity Fair

It is frustrating to have to rely on words to describe this hauntingly beautiful artist’s book, comprising borderless color images set individually, in pairs, or in triptychs across spreads bereft of text. Pierson’s personal perspective flirts with cinematic cliche to create an intensely atmospheric narrative that alternately seduces and repells the viewer. His bittersweet images simultaneously evoke romantic longings for a golden dream and expose the lurid underside of life. From out-of-focus expanses to tightly framed close-ups, from the soft glare of daylight to the lurid tones of night photography, the work’s cool distance belies its immediacy. Moreover, in these impressionistically saturated trademark images, the accumulation of seemingly unremarkable details—lush gardens and swimming pools devoid of people, unnervingly intimate portraits of young men, abandoned repasts-reminds us of the importance of the visual journey. Highly recommended for any collection holding contemporary photography.

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