Ode to Travel Author Patrick Trefz on Swell Season

Ode to Travel author Patrick Trefz’s inspiring interview for Swell Season Surf Radio.

Patrick Trefz is a multitalented individual known for his work as a photographer, chef, painter, and filmmaker. Trefz has gained recognition for his documentaries, including Thread, Idiosyncrasies, Surfer’s Blood, and Man in the Field, which have received acclaim and featured in various publications. In his latest project, Ode to Travel, Trefz’s explores the world mixing the metropolitan and the deeply rural by bringing food and culture together in this latest book of recipes and photography.

Ode to Travel captures Trefz’s innate ability as a traveler to become part of the scenes he finds himself in, not merely as an observer, but as a participant, connecting landscape, seascape, people and food. The book celebrates a worldview of a globe deeply layered and how cultures define communities in the form of its food, traditions and the simple pleasures that bring color to living. Ode to Travel includes thirty-five recipes from the places Trefz’s has come to know intimately. Each recipe that is included is an invitation to experience the local communities through their flavors and traditions.

This is his third title with Powerhouse Books, and Patrick Trefz is here with us at the Newsstand Studio at Rockefeller Center. We hope you enjoy…

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