Ode to Travel in Foreword Reviews

Editor Wendy Hinman reviewed Patrick Trefz’s Ode to Travel. This new powerHouse Books release that hit the shelves Tuesday, February 13 is a must have for all lovers of food, travel, and photography!

Acclaimed chef, surfer, and photographer Patrick Trefz in his third powerHouse title scours the globe to hone in on spots offering tasty visuals of innovative local dishes, supreme surfing nooks, and camaraderie with fellow chef surfers. Includes thirty-nine regional recipes.

“The book includes thirty-nine recipes for dishes including Indigenous Salmon and Mussels and Urchin Risotto; they appear alongside sensory descriptions of their ingredients and collages that capture the essence of the places they connect to. Further, the recipes themselves include handwritten notes that suggest pairings from wine, music, and literature (the Tuna Curry, for example, can be chased with a cup of chai tea, evoking the Maldives and its “turquoise waters … abundant pearls, spices, coconuts, and dried fish”).

Replete with culinary and cultural discoveries, Ode to Travel shares a global traveler’s flavorful memories with a sense of deep appreciation. Savor it for its recipes, images, and thoughtful observations about diverse cultures across the world.”

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