Do Not Give Way to Evil: Photographs of the South Bronx, 1979-1987

Photographs by Lisa Kahane

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ISBN: 9781576874325

Photographs by Lisa Kahane

New York City / Photography
Hardcover, 11 x 8.25 inches, 136 pages, 56 four-color images and 59 duotone photographs
ISBN: 978-1-57687-432-5

Photographs by Lisa Kahane

New York City / Photography
Hardcover, 11 x 8.25 inches, 136 pages, 56 four-color images and 59 duotone photographs
ISBN: 978-1-57687-432-5

A Miss Rosen Edition

The Bronx had almost
stopped burning by 1979. The intensity and extent of the devastation
permeated the landscape. It was an awesome mess, not just another neighborhood,
but another realm, visible but incomprehensible. The Bronx came undone
in a confluence of unfortunate circumstances: the life cycle of community,
rampant city planning, economic change, racism, poverty, failed hopes,
drugs, crime, abandonment, counterproductive government response. It
was destroyed for profit. The entire story has yet to be told.


A friend suggested to
photographer Lisa Kahane that she record it for a time when it would
be a memory, which was then impossible to imagine. The ruins of the
immediate past overwhelmed any idea of a future. Ironically, Kahane
had a good time in the Bronx. People smiled and said, “Throw me a
photo!” Few objected to having their picture taken and no one tried
to take her camera away. They wanted their story told. Any discomfort
the camera might inflict was nothing compared to what they’d endured.


The result, Do No
Give Way to Evil: Photographs of the South Bronx, 1979–1987
, is
an extraordinary document of devastation and rejuvenation, as Kahane
records the first seeds of rebuilding. Throughout this desolate world,
the people live alongside abandoned buildings and debris-strewn lots,
carrying on their business with civic pride. Though the buildings may
be ghosts of their former selves, the spirit of the people holds strong.


With an essay by Peter
Frank and text by the photographer, John Ahearn, CRASH, DAZE, Jane Dickson,
Stefan Eins, John Fekner, Joe Lewis, SHARP, Rigoberto Torres.


Lisa Kahane, a
working photographer for over 25 years, specializes in documentary work
and portraiture. She publishes worldwide in trade and consumer magazines,
newspapers and books. A native New Yorker, educated at Barnard College,
Columbia University and The New York Studio School, she has worked on
location in western and eastern Europe and Central and South America.
During the 90’s she photographed the impact the wars in Yugoslavia
had on ordinary lives. In addition to solo shows depicting art and culture
in New York City in the 80’s, her work was included in The Downtown
at The Grey Art Gallery,
featured in Urban Mythologies at the Bronx Museum and included
in documentation for The American Century at The Whitney Museum.
Her photographs are in private collections as well as the permanent
collection of the New York Public Library, the Fales Library at NYU
and the Library of Congress. With support from the Hudson River Museum
and a private foundation, she runs a photography workshop for kids at


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