New York Photo Awards Annual 2008

$ 50

ISBN: 9781576873120

A collection of the 2008 New York Photo Awards Winners and highlights.

Student Personal Fine Art Series – Anna Skladman
Student Personal Fine Art Single Image – Alana Celii

Student Book – Tiana Markova-Gold

Student Editorial Series – Tobias Kruse

Student Editorial Single Image – Gratiane de Moustier

Multimedia – Photo/Audio – Two Winners…”The Ninth Floor” by Jessica Dimmock & MediaStorm/
“Curse of the Black Gold” by Ed Kashi & MediaStorm

Multimedia – Photo/Video – “Bearing Witness” a Reuters/MediaStorm Collaboration

Personal/Fine Art Series – Edgar Martins
Personal/Fine Art Single Image – Jessica Todd Harper
Editorial Series – Paula Bronstein
Editorial Single Image – Two Winners…Ibraheem Abu
Mustafa & Adem Hadei
Photography Book – Amy Stein
Advertising Series – John Offenbach
Advertising Single Image – Jason Bell

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