by Hibiki Kobayashi

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ISBN: 9781576870327

by Hibiki Kobayashi
Introduction by Peter Beard
Art Direction by Fabien Baron

Photography / Fashion / Ethnic Studies
11.25 x 14.25 inches
160 pages
101 tritone photographs
ISBN: 978-1-57687-032-7


“It took Kobayashi 10 years to find and shoot the vanishing clans in Tribe. The result is striking, raw.”

Meet the men, women, and children of the world’s
vanishing indigenous tribes as you’ve never seen
them before. Acclaimed Japanese photographer
Hibiki Kobayashi’s exceedingly rich, huge tritone
portraits of the wanderers, the lost ones, the
refugees, and the exiled are boldly presented by
the renowned art director Fabien Baron.

In the spirit of Avedon’s classic In the American West, and Irving Penn’s legendary portraits of
portraits of indigenous peoples of Peru, New
Guinea, and Morocco, Kobayashi photographs his
subjects against a stark white background to
reveal in striking detail the tribes’ adornments,
clothes, postures, and, ultimately, their sublime
identities. Baron’s audacious full-page bleeds and
Tribe‘s gigantic trim size envelop the viewer
with more than one hundred images taken in the
remotest regions of Asia, the Middle East, Africa,
South America, and the Pacific Rim.

Hibiki Kobayashi was born in Japan in 1955 and
has been a professional photographer since age
twenty-nine. Widely acclaimed in both the fine
arts and fashion worlds, he has been photographing tribes at risk since 1990. Kobayashi
has taken more than 3000 portraits in this
ongoing project, and has traveled extensively to
the furthest reaches of the globe.

Fabien Baron has been called one of today’s most
revolutionary and influential art directors. Baron
engineered the award-winning relaunch of
Harper’s Bazaar, and now directs high profile
advertising campaigns for Hugo Boss, Issey
Miyake, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, and Prada.
Baron has been consulting creative director at
Calvin Klein since 1992, and continues to serve
as creative director at Harper’s Bazaar. Baron is
also president of Baron & Baron.

Peter Beard, an iconoclastic photographer diarist
and filmmaker, has exhibited his photography and
collage work internationally. Beard is the author
of Diary (Libro Port, 1993); and The End of the Game, (Chronicle, 1988). Born in New York, Beard
moved to Kenya in the early 1960s.

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