Jessica Lange in Vulture

Matt Zoller Seitz, critic, filmmaker, and staff writer for Vulture and New York Magazine, sat down with Jessica Lange to discuss her haunting role in Mother Play. Jessica Lange has numerous powerHouse Books titles, including Dérive, Highway 61, and 50 Photographs.

Dérive is discussed in the interview:

I love your most recent collection of photojournalism, Dérive. The images find beauty in people who have been pushed to the edge, which is something you do in your acting as well.

Oh, well, thank you. I mean, that’s just a slight little book.Lange has published four collections of black-and-white photojournalism: 50 Photographs (2008), In Mexico (2010), Highway 61 (2019), and Dérive (2023). I’ve done others. It gave me something to do during the lockdown, to just meander. Sometimes I’d walk ten or more miles a day. I walked sometimes all day long.

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